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Have you experienced problems with your vehicle? Are you wondering if there are any legal remedies that Tennessee makes available to you? The good news is that there are and our Lemon Law attorneys are here to assist you at no cost. The Lemon Laws require the manufacturer to pay all legal costs and fees. The vehicle owner protection laws in Kentucky are rather complicated – especially if you are trying to determine how those laws might apply to your situation. The most important thing to know is that if you do have a vehicle that was subject to repair under the manufacturer’s warranty, regardless of what your dealer tells you or what you read, there is a good chance that our Lemon Law attorneys can assist you.

The Lemon Law Umbrella in Tennessee

The good news for Tennessee vehicle owners is that you have more than one option to recover damages if you have purchased a defective vehicle.

The Tennessee Lemon Law provides consumers a very effective remedy if their vehicle cannot be repaired. The limitation with the Tennessee Lemon Law is that in order to meet its requirements the problems with your vehicle must be reported very early on – within the first year of ownership or within the term of the warranty, whichever occurs first. The reality for most consumers is that their vehicle’s problems will most likely take longer to unfold.

Therefore, it is the Federal Lemon Law, known as the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, which provides the greatest amount of protection to Tennessee vehicle owners. This law simply states that if the manufacturer attempted repeated repairs to your vehicle, at least in part during the warranty period, you may qualify for a wide range of assistance.

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With just a few pieces of information you’ll know instantly whether or not you may have a viable Lemon Law claim against the manufacturer of your vehicle. Please take a moment to see if we might be able to help and remember, there is no cost to you for our services.